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What Is KINGCOM? Namecheap .Com Domain Promo!!

You might has seen this word KingCom online or on tv nigeria, and wanted to know the meaning of kingcom, or a friend who is a webmaster or online geek mentioned KingCom, asking you if you had registered a domain at kingcom and you want to know what KingCom is all about, this article will explain your question, what is Kingcom and give you the right answer.

Kingcom is a regular promo program organized by namecheap, which is one of the best web hosting company. Offering cheap or should i say semi free .com domain names to everybody who buys a domain from namecheap under the Kingcom Promo. As of 2017, .com domains was sold at $0.88 to anybody who wants to acquire a domain.

Kingcom cheap domain does not just offer cheap .com domain but also offers other services at cheap rate like Whois Guard Protection, positive ssl and many more at a very affordable cost. I will advice to start registering and ordering domain to cart before this wonderful promo ends.

In summary, KingCom is just a word used to refer to a period of time in which namecheap offers cheap .com domain names as promo to every new person intending to get a cheap domain

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