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DomainKing Review: Users Complains That DomainKing is Scam

Domainking is one of the fastest growing domain registrar in Nigeria that registers most Nigerian domain names like, .Ng, e.t.c and has been in the internet fo a long time.


3 weeks ago, i got a mail from an unknown person who claims to be a Domaking user, saying that after purchase of domain, he was debited by his bank, but the domain still shows unpaid in his account, he contacted the domainking customer support but he was neglated, he does not know what to do so he sent me this mail for advice, knowing about this blog. I messaged him back to try to explain this to domainking admin and give me a reply, but no reply till date. Then recently, i received another mail from another user complaining this same issue but also tried reaching him but no reply, this time he promised himself not to use nigerian hosting company instead he will use namecheap or other foreign domain registrar.

So i decided to share this post, to know if other people has experienced this and to confirm if Domainking is scam. Please if you had experienced this, feel free to contact domainking admin and if nothing is done, you can then share your experience on social media to also alert people on this issue, but seriously, i can’t believe that domainKing is Scam

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