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Ultimate Steps: How To Increase Domain Authority 2019

HELLO Webmasters,this is another tutorial of mine to teach you the best and ultimate method on how to boost,increase your domain authority and get to the google’s first page to get more traffic for your site 2019,these steps,tips,strategy, and tricks influences Google to continually rank,optimize and will help to increase your domain authority from minor to major this 2019, I will assure you that you will be the first in ranking because of your unbeatable domain authority, as you might have been in the category of people with traffic problems, you write long posts, and do all seo tricks but still no ranking, this could be because of your domain authority, your competitors has better domain authority than you.

With this steps,you will be able to rank above your competitors and move from a small scale business website or blogto an industry in the internet.

Every webmasters or blogger needs visitors as we all know that one cannot just startup a website or blog without needing visitors,visitors help you earn from your site, keep your blog interactive and many other purposes for having enough visitors(Any blog or website without visitors is dead)..For you to have visitors,you must have enough knowledge on SEO,traffic and high Domain authority.


SEO is an acronym that stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION which is defined as the implementation of certain penguin processes in order for a webpage to appear in search engines like google, and a good domain authority is one of the required process for seo.

Enough talking, how can I rank high in Google and increase my domain authority, this tutorial is for you,whether you are a WordPress or blogspot user, Below are steps that you can apply to increase your domain authority 2019.


Google plus is a social media that most webmasters overlook,but without knowing the SEO importance of having it. It connects your website to your Google+ profile, giving you authorship credibility and can boost your domain authority scores. It also has great SEO/TRAFFIC value because when your website is connected to your g+ profile, your face will be visible in all your search posts on Google, Here is how you can make it connect g+ profile to website


You need a Google+ account. You must have a Google plus account for you to enjoy SEO trick, if you dont have,go get one.


Navigate to your Google plus profile,go to-link, edit Navigate to “contributor to ” section and add a link to your website

Step 2

Make sure that you have updated your profile picture on Google plus,this is what will appear at your link as shown above,

you must also verify your site by adding you Google plus profile link to any place at your site,preferably add it to your site bottom or footer Then its done!!,It Will just take few days to start showing your profile picture at your links in Google


I will not explain much on that but this at least can help make sure that all your main headings are on h1 tags.Make sure that all your subheadings are in h2 and h3 tagsMake sure that your main heading and title of your page contains keywords. Google easily ranks site with the html heading tags which more ranking from google can increase your domain authority.

3)Google places page:

Google now concentrates on local posts and search ,this is also a good way to rank your product high and get better domain authority. Look at an example below. So how can I improve my Google places ranking? Ensure you have more reviews than your competitors, ensure you post your address on every social media and your site also


Linking your posts and pages is also a good SEO strategy to boost traffic to other post on your site and increase page authority, page authority is also important for seo and can help domain authority. This can be done by picking post with low traffic and linking them in other post with good traffic,make sure you link pages/post of the same category


Google ranks YouTube videos highly,so making youtube videos can be helpful, even if your page does not rank first page,your YouTube video may just do. Here is a hint on how to rank your YouTube videos high Get high views,likes and comments .It usually helps in ranking, Make sure your video title contains keywords of your looking to rank, Make sure that your videos are above 5mins long,interesting and easy to understand. Youtube links also serves as backlink for domain authority because youtube has a high domain authority.


This is another great way in which many SEO experts and webmasters use to gain high rank sfrom Google and increase domain authority score,Backlinks are external links from other site to yours ,that is when another site links or refers user to your site posts.The higher your backlinking site gets traffic from Google, the higher you will also get (in simple terms)Soundcloud and other platforms allows you to link your site from your profile. Try to get backlinks from also social media and also from your competitors if possible. This is one of the major things for domain authority.


Google dislikes sites that steals contents from other site and therefore penalize them,these sites get low or no traffic from Google, this can even reduce domain authority than increasing it.


Your site’s loading speed matters a lot to SEO, if your site loading speed is slow, Google may consider giving low attention to your site. Here are some stuffs that can reduce my site speed– Use of Complex scripts-Too much image and designs-Use of some plugins(If you Use plugins,I will advise to also use plugins that boost site speed) speed helps in increasing domain authority


Using “alt attributes ” for images is a strategy of its own to increase Google SEO,The alt attributes optimizes your image for Google to crawl, more crawling for your site will be good to increase your domain authority rank 2019


This is a good SEO method,Google does not pay much attention to sites that do not post New topics,update old topics,and do other updates.That is why Google ranks sites like Nairaland,topon faster because of continuous updates which is good for page authority,

CONCLUSION With this following SEO tutorial on how to increase domain authority 2019, I hope you will be able to rank better this time on Google,dont forget to thank me later,I will keep updating for more explanations,Share this post if you got something.

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