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Ubersuggest 2.0 Review: A Keyword Planner By Neil Patel

When speaking about seo, i think keywords are important, and for every blog and website who wants to be greater in seo must plan his keywords. Planning or researching on keywords cannot be easily done without the good help from some seo tools which is usually called keyword research planner tools. The keywords planner tools are of plenty varieties ranging from but free and premium but they but assist in helping people do research based on keywords. Neil Patel, an Seo guru developed a software called the ubersuggest keywords planner tool, at first was at version 1.0 now at version 2. I will be reviewing the ubersuggest and listing some features.

What is Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a great seo tool although not new because it has a version 1.0, the ubersuggest 2.0 was launched recently. Ubersuggest is an seo keyword research planner tool owned by neil patel, neil patel purchased it and then decided to make it a free seo keyword planner tool. According to some best seo bloggers who has reviewed ubersuggest 2.0, they tag it as one of the best seo tool.

Keyword research is very important in blogging to help bloggers locate the various ways and strategy to reach out to their audience expecially from search engines.

Features Of The Ubersuggest 2.0

Here are some features of the ubersuggest 2.0, don’t forget that this is a review.

SERP Analysis:

The Ubersuggest 2.0 offers the serp analysis feature. This new feature shows you top sites that ranks for a particular keyword term, showing their domain strength and authority, their total traffic they generate from the keyword ranking. This will be able to review your top competitors and gives you the awareness of what you are up against.

Keywords Suggestion

The ubersuggest 2.0 shows keyword suggestions, this free keyword planner by neil patel shows related and alternative keywords for better ranking in google and other search engine. Generating better keyword tags from google suggest.

KeyWord OverView

This features shows the whole view of keyword overview, ranging from the total search volume of the keyword. It shows you all you need to know about that keyword.


The ubersuggest helps in automatic keyword research, saving time and energy.

The ubersuggest is free for all, great for long tail keywords researchs

The ubersuggest is actually the best and free seo keyword research planner tool for nigerians and great for seo

How To use the Ubersuggest

Using the ubersuggest planner tool is easy that even a man of 70 can handle, just follow this steps

You can simply start using this ubersuggest by visiting neil patel site and click on the direct link for ubersuggest or just open this link enter keyword and start reviewing keywords and its competitors.

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