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Top Best FootBall Betting Sites In Nigeria 2019

Football is one of the most exciting sport entertainment in Nigeria today, it is even said to be the most entertainig sport to watch in Nigeria. Football or soccer unlike many other sport entertainment drives passion to its viewers and audience. This has know given a notice that people can generate or make money from that passion gotten from football, knowing that anybody can make money from anything that people loves.

Webmasters and internet geeks began creating website where football fans can bet to predict a match, if they win in their predict on the football betting site, they will be rewarded handsomely. Websites like that began to grow and expand because of the excess interest on football and money also. This football betting website also make money from the large traffic they made per day and the constant betting because they charge little fees for placing a bet. There are actually lot of list for good football betting sites in nigeria, while their are also some betting sites that are scam, they dont actually pay all winners, some dont pay winners complete who has large amount. I will call does ones top scam football betting websites in Nigeria, although they are legal.

This post will be listing the top 10 best football betting site in Nigeria to show you the legit and outstanding betting companies to make money instead of wasting time this 2019

Top 10 Best FootBall Betting in Nigeria, 2019 List

Here is the list of the best site to place your bet for football this year.

  • BET9JA

The Bet9ja company is now the biggest and the best bet site in Nigeria today, with over a 100000 active users online, and over 2000000 bets per day. Bet9ja has different betting unit all over Nigeria and it is leading in the betting industry in Nigeria, Bet9ja is the best in the list of the top 10 betting website or company in Nigeria. One thing that is unique with this company is that they allow betting as the match is on play that is you can bet when the match has already began.


NairaBet is the oldest and first betting site in Nigeria. It is also the first in this list but later outranked by bet9ja, now it is the second in list of the top 10 best betting website in Nigeria. This betting company has proving to be unique over times and it allows you to even bet a match when it is still on play, payment is 100℅ at due time.


Surebet is another old fast growing Nigerian betting Company in this list. Surebet usually have over 500000 bets per day. Surebet is also a great betting company in Nigeria. Having its unit all over the country filled with lots of youths for betting, Making more money per day. There payment is also great.

  • 1960BET

1960BET Should be at top 3 best bet site actually, but i dont know…, 1960bet is said to be one of the fastest paying bet website in Nigeria, they are also among the oldest football betting sites in Nigeria. As i said before, their payments is sure and quick unlike most other betting companies

  • 360BET

Another great football betting website is 360BET, it is one of the outstanding and oldest betting companies in Nigeria today, unique for genuine payment unlike most other company who does not pay immediately. 360BET has over 3,000 bets per day to their site, with over 5,000 visitors on site.


Winnersgoldenbet is also one of the top best football betting company in nigeria 2019 that has shown commitment and seriousness in business, since the owner started his football betting site business, he has grown without exception, winnersgoldenbet is now all over Nigeria pulling lots of football fans.


Most betting website in Nigeria envy this betting company, merrybet is among the trusted betting sites in Nigeria with a very fast payment method. One suprising thing about this Merrybet is unlike other betting companies, this betting website has its office unit at every zone, where customers can go to place their bets.


BET365NAIJA is one of the most recommended betting company in Nigeria, very profitable to every agent in any unit.Although, BET365NAIJA does not really pay on time but it is said that this company never stops paying. Just place your bet at the right place and let them handle for you.


This is another fast paying betting site this 2019 that has proven to be at the best. Before the year runs out, BETCOLONY will be at top 5 without being challeged. Payment are just made within few ours to your account.


9japredict is also another serious betting shop in nigeria. This betting site suppose to be at no 9 but was outranked, but still, 9ja predict is on of the best betting website, with over 1k active bets per day. They have their own affiliate shops all over nigeria. No doubt, they should be on this list.

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