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Qservers Domain Still Pending After Registration

Qservers web hosting and domain registrar is one of the top best web hosting company in Nigeria, providing webhosting to almost 5000 people and has sold over 6000 domain names especially in Nigeria.

This Nigerian webhosting company provides room to purchase domain names at cheap rate, even Nigerian domains like .ng,, and many more are sold there.

Purchasing a domain name is very simple at qserver but although, this artucle will not be showing how you can buy a domain or hosting plan from qservers but will be pointing on the repeating experience from new user who after purchasing a domain, domain still remains pending and non active for hours or sometimes days. They complain that they are in urgent need of the domain to change nameservers and do other dns settings and domain still shows pending.

This is so fraustrating because they have to wait for hours and days for their domain to become active, some even says that qservers is scam, but actually, they are not.

Qserver domain name appears pending after registration or purchase because it is new, and it usually takes hours to stop showing as pending, but the for sure, you must still get the domain, qservers are not scam according to my review. You just need to excersize patience for some hours or a day after buying the domain for it to stop showing pending.

But after two days, your qservers domain still shows pending, i think you should contact qservers admin and customers care for solution, but i have not gotten any report on domain lasting that long.

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