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NNU VS ZINOLY, Which is a Better Program

Nnu is an online platform which people make money from by posting,sharing and referring people to join the nnu program. Nnu is infact one of the biggest if not the biggest forum today to make money in Nigeria. Alexa even says that NNu ranks at the top most visited wevsite in Nigeria and even the most visited forum having more visitors than even Nairaland. Offcourse, Every one prefers where they get information and also being paid by just doing some actions than just getting information only.

Zinoly is also another great platform where people make money from just performing easy tasks like Sharing posts on social media, Refering people to join zinoly, posting and reading news e.t.c. Although Zinoly is not among the most visited site like NNU or Newspay, that is because zinoly is just new to the system.

Now if you are comparing between Zinoly and NNU or Zinoly and Newspay to know which of them is better, maybe you have searched NNU vs Zinoly to compare this two for better service. Nnu has actually been in business for long, and has grown without exception into a great website but later people began complain on payment issues, that nnu dont pay any longer. That is a sign of scam anyway. People say that nnu is now scam and should not be trusted.

Though it is just a few months that zinoly started, but within this few years, zinoly has grown also, gathering alot of members and still aiming for more, has not shown any sign of scam yet. But both of this two pays according to your hard work, they pay at due time to their members.

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