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Moz Vs Neil Patel, Who Is The Better SEO Master!!

The Seo niche or search engine optimization niche as it is fully called is one of greatest and competitive niche in the world. What even the seo kings blog about. To day i will be reviewing and comparing this two great seo masters, moz and neil patel, this comparison is based on their blog tutorials on seo for beginners, their different seo tools, their traffic to their blog, domain authority and many more.

Moz is one of the biggest blogs in the world that has educated lots of new bloggers on seo and its ebooks has inspired many. Moz has a domaun authority of 96 making it very difficult to be outranked in search engines, any keyword on seo issues offers moz more traffic.

Moz spends time to explain and teach beginners on seo, that is why most of his articles are very long. Having millions of subscribers to his blog.

Mos has an seo tool he developed, this seo tool is also a great help to many beginners in seo.

Neil patel is a full time blogger, although, not as big as moz, he offers full tutorials on seo, domain authority and other seo hints. Actually, Neil Patel is my best blogger. He has written many seo books For beginners who also has helped me. Neil patel also has a great Domain authority score, and he ranks at first page in almost all keywords related to seo.

Neil patel also gives detailed explanation on every article in seo that is why he is the best. Easy to read and explaining the points. Most of his articles are also very long. Also having millions of loyal audience to his blog.

Neil patel has an seo tool called the ubersuggest, which has a new version which is the ubersuggest 2.0, which on my last posts, i ran a review on. Which is a good seo tool.

This both a great seo masters in the world and every blogger who aspire to be great must follow their tutorials. Comparing both moz and neil patel cant be done, this is just a review on both great seo masters.

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