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KINGCOM PROMO!!: Namecheap Offers Cheap .Com Domain 2019

KingCom is a program done mostly in every year by Namecheap, a webhosting and domain registration company. This promo is to offer cheap and almost free .Com Domain names to everybody that decides to buy or register a .com domain from namecheap under the KingCom namecheap promo.

If you are making plans of buying a new .com domain name for your business, blog or any other website, i think it is the right place to get a cheap .com domain name via KingCom which is a program powered by Namecheap Hosting Company.

This Namecheap KingCom cheap domain was first done on the 5th september to december 2017 which many individuals gained from because it was more economical and people could save more, it was around $0.88, which was not even upto a dollar or even 100 naira for Nigerians, Namecheap got so many customers at that time. Every Blogger and Webmaster was flying in to Namecheap like never before because they wanted to acquire multiple .com domaun names for their blogs and websites, knowing that .com domain were cheap at namecheap.

But i think this years KingCom 2019 will not be at that same cost, there maybe a little change but KingCom still remains KingCom, meaning that .com domain names will still remain at its cheap rate. On other of my post, i will explain How to get a cheap Domain from KingCom promo.

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