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How To Startup A Web hosting And Domain Company in Nigeria

Due to the incredible increase in online businesses base in Nigeria, a web hosting business is lucrative and pays well in Nigeria, meaning that you can start making money in Nigeria with your webhosting business. A webhosting and domain registration company is an online firm or website that renders services of registering domain names and selling hosting plans and packages.

There are so many other webhosting company outside Nigeria like godaddy, bluehost, namecheap, hostgator, e.t.c but i will be talking on nigerian own hosting companies.

At evey hour, the numer of websites and blogs created in Nigeria increases so creating a webhosting company can be very lucrative in nigeria, it has the ability to make its owner make money. Although, opening a webhost company may seem difficult but it is achievable within a day or two. To startup a webhosting business, you dont need to employ lots of workers, if you even need a worker, you can manage it own your I own. Just imagine, the owner of Domainking, before he created a domain selling website and host company, he already knew that webhosting business will be a cool in Nigeria, he is from india, imaging the millions he has made.

To create your own hosting company or you want to be a domain registrar like domainking or any other domain registration website. This guide is good for you

How To Startup A Domain Registrar / Webhosting Company in Nigeria

Here are the steps to startup a hosting company in Nigeria. Follow all instructions.

The easiest way to startup a webhosting or domain registration website is by becoming a white label reseller, meaning that you have to register to a company that offers you white label reselling, There are many companies that supports you to create your own white label webhosting company, examples are ResellerClub and GoDaddy, but i will be explaining and recommending ResellerClub because they are more economical.

How To Start A Webhosting Company In Nigeria With ResellerClub And Make Money

Before i continue, you should know that to start a webhosting conpany requires capital and the cheapest way to start is resellers club, which requires a minimum of $99 dollars which is about N36,000 niara, thats just minimum , you can transfer more, its still for your own use. It just like starting up a supermarket which you need to buy goods like buscuits, sweets, soaps, detergents for sale, this money is to acquire enough domain names and hosting plans to sell later at your own price.

  • Visit ResellerClub Homepage and click Signup, Register to Resellerclub by filling the form given with the right information, Here are some details you might be asked;

* Selling currency: Change this to the currency used in the country that you will be selling domain names and hosting plans to, for instance, you set this to Naira if you want to be selling mostly to Nigerians like domainking or any other Nigerian webhosting business

* Accounting currency: You should also edit this to the country you are located, for instance, you live in Nigeria, you should again set this to naira but if you live in india like the owner of domainking, you should set this to INR.

After filling form, click signup and you will be directed to make payments, that is the capital i explained earlier to acquire enough hostings and domains for later sale. You will now have to transfer the funds to your account, minimum of $99. You select payment method and then make payments.

Then the money is added to your account, you can now login to your reseller control panel, wow, few steps to go!!.

Sure, you are not done yet, you will can now customize and brand you account, this inserting a logo for your company, selecting a domain name that will be used for the web hosting company.

Customising your reseller hosting account

You now already have a reseller account, now its time to customise it, lets do that..

First lets look at how to add your domain name like Domainking.Ng, you dont need to go buy another domain, the funds you paid during registration is your whole capital, from that fund, you will get a domain for your hosting company, follow this procedures: From your account panel > Click on Products > Domain registration > Check availability. Now select a domain name and buy it, easy right.

Now you can now create a customer account from that page, you will see a page showing. Select .Now Tick the “Execute the above requests without receiving a payment”.

Now you have a domain for your webhosting business. The next thing is customising and editing your site settings > Branding settings > Super site and partner site> Fully branded name.

Then you should add an A record, this record will be effective within 2- 24 hours, you should also change name servers via Settings > Branded settings > Name servers . You can also edit logo and brand site under Settings > Brand settings then customize to your taste.

You can now be able to sell hosting packages with domain names now and make money in Nigeria. Feel free to send questions via Email.

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