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How To Increase Your Free .Tk, .Ga, .Cf Rankings On Google

Free domain names are domain acquired freely without paying the domain registrar, it be .com,, .net, or it could also be .tk, .ga, .cf domain names. Actually, getting a free .com or any other tld domain name has no side effects but free domains like .tk, .ml, .cf, .ga has a great side effect on seo. But recently, that was around 2017, i had a blog with a free .ga domain name ranking at the first postion at the first page on google, unbelieveable Right?. But thats the truth. With these steps, i will show you.


As of 2017, my blog which was a free domain was ranking at the No. 1 position, that was because of the niche. I was blogging then about wapka tutorials, then there were much competitors with less quality on their site, no authority sites on that niche, no serious micro niche blog and the niche but me, so i was able to ranking high with a free .ga domain, my site was, although not functioning, but then i was able to make a good measure of traffic then make little money also not from adsence. So i will advice all who uses such free .tk domains to go for less or infact, no competitors niche and fight harder, offering good quality and quantity, then you can now boast of ranking high with a free .tk domain, am also saying that it is impossible to rank high with free .tk domain on a very competitive niche with authority Blogs.

  • Good, Great Backlinks

Second but very important factor to consider to improve your search rank for your free .tk domain is backlinks. Backlinks are the backbone of any blog whether it has free domain or premium domain names. Backlinks can increase your ranks on google, your backlinks should have quality or its useless, but No 1 factor still remains, even if you millions of backlinks to your .tk domain, it can not increase your rank on a very competitive niche with authority blogs with just hundred backlinks.


Free .tk domain normally ranks low, then you offer contents with no quality, what do you expect, traffic!!. You should watch you content quality, offer good quality and get googles attention. Use relevant keywords on blog, if you are not a good writer, you could hire some good writers, am also available for an affordable price.


As quality is important so as quantity, spend more time to write lenghty posts, as the saying goes, content is King, which means both quality and quantity matters, google ranks long post because it is believed that they explains in full details.


You should also follow every other seo process to build your blog above googles hatred. Ha, funny. There are so many seo tips to follow, like profile linking, internal link, e.t.c you should also follow other seo notes and posts like moz, shoutmeloud e.t.c, they give cool writeups.

I will advice that any person using a free .tk domain should use other means to drive traffic to their blog, not only google, you should use facebook and other social media, use nairaland and other forums. Dont give up

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