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How To Get Adquet Ad Code and Start Running Adverts on Website

On my previous post on reviews, i reviewed three advertising company called adquet, ngadverts and adovr and after the rewiew on adquet, i began getting mails and calls concerning ngadverts, adquet and adovr my bxb expecially on adquet and how to use adquet, so i decided to write this article on how to use the adquet advertising code on website or blog and start advertising.

Before you can be able to use adquet, you must have registered to adquet, this post will not cover tutorials on how to register to adquet and monetise your blog or website.


how to register to adquet advertising network

How To Use Adquet, Get Ad Code And Place In Website Or Blog For Monetization

From your dashboard, open Ad Codes, Click on Create from the next page. Fill the information from the next page and then click on Create Ad
Select thevtype of ad you will like to run on your blog site.
Copy the code given for the code and paste on your blog or website.

I hope you benefited from this tutorial, enjoy your earnings with adquet.

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