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How To Get A Free .Com Domain name

Domain names are not always free, domain registrars charges fee for registration and renewal yearly. But i will show you ways in which you can get a domain name for free in Nigeria or any other country.

Every domain has its own price, although it differs from different domain registrars but at normal rate, you can get a .com domain for about 3000 Naira in Nigeria. But following this steps can give you a free domain, whether it is .com,, .ng, .net e.t.c.

Now, getting a free domain name is pretty easy and can be done by an 85 years old man. This steps, you will not be asked a penny to register a domain, its absolutely free!, there are various strategy of registering a free .com domain name. Here are the steps below.

How to get a domain for free, absolutely free

1. Signup to Complete Reviews and Task for free domain

There are so many online companies that allows people complete reviews and tasks and in return, this company pays them, most of this kind of company pays in cash while others finds other means like giving a free domain name registration opportunity when after you complete a review or series of reviews. One good company that does that is the freedomainfactory, you can also search for other companies like this freedomainfactory, although i have not tried them. But this is cool

2. The free domains

The is a well known domain regristrar company that offers free domain names to everyone who wishes to register, although this website does not offer .com, .net and many popular domain, they offer country code top level domain (cctld). Domains like .tk, .ga, .cf, .ml and other domain with no costs. Registration and other for their free domain is just easy but i will not be teaching here, the steps are not difficult, just visit their homepage and signup then place order for free domain.

3. By Using Host Providers

You can get a free domain easily from some host company that offers free domain after buying a hosting plan from them. This hosting companies uses this promo means to attract more customers buy giving out free domain to every customer who purchases a plan. There are so many Host providers that does this, exaples of host companies that gives free domain after purchasing hosting from them.

  • Bluehost

Bluehost is a hosting comapany and also a domain registrar that offers a free .com domain name after purchasing a web hosting plan from them. Bluehost uses this means to increase their customers, you can get a hosting plan for one year for just $2.95 per month, which includes a free .com domain. You can ask for refunds within 30 days if you later decide not to use Bluehost.

  • DreamHost

Dreamhost also offers free .com domain names to every client who purchases their hosting package, buying their hosting plans is not expensive, afterall you will still buy hosting if you buy a domain seperate. So you can just easily get a free domain after buying hosting from them.

There are many other webhosting companies that register out free .com domain name, you can search for more on google.

4. Scam or Hack

Some people acquire free .com domain names by accessing other people domain dashboard, they use different means to access domain dashboard by scamming or hacking. But this means is not recommended because it is illegal and it is punishable. It is not also reliable because the real owners can ask for password reset or use a forget password link to recover domain

5. Watch out for promos

Most companies and webhosting companies offers promo for free domain especially on their aniversaries, opening day, independence day for mostly nigerian web hosting companies, be alert for these special programs from hosting companies.

6. Search for other means

For you to acquire a free .com domain, you should search properly online for other means, you might not know, you might come across one easy step

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