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How To Change Qservers Name Servers And DNS Records

Qservers allows users to buy domain names and later be able to change and edit nameservers to any host, change dns records and have full control on the domain.

You have purchased a domain from qservers domain registrar and webhosting company and you are finding it difficult to change name servers on qservers, this article will teach you how you can change your nameservers.

Changing nameservers is very simple at qservers, just login to your qservers cpanel dashboard and locate name servers section, then replace the default qservers nameservers and change it to your new host custom name servers then save changes. Excersize a little patience, it takes within 24 hours to Propagate.

Changing the dns records is also a simple thing to do at qservers, just locate the dns section and change records whether it is an a record or cname. Thats all.

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