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How to Borrow Credit Units From Prepaid Meter, PHCN or PHED

The use of electricity is now counted and measured using the prepaid meter, whether phcn or phed. Giving no room for over charges or even under charges during payments for the bills of electricity, am sure you are so aware of that already. Although the prepaid meter is not used all over Nigeria. One of my previous blog posts, i gave a detailed explanation on the prepaid meter codes, on how to recharge and check the remaining units balance you have to consume. In this blog post, i will be showing you another good feature of the phcn or phed prepaid meter, which you may not be aware of. For example, if you have a good event to watch on gotv, then the minute you start watching the event, your almighty meter subscription just finish. Boahh!!. And maybe its very late to visit any nearest phcn or phed nepa shop. Another example, you are broke, and you have an appointment to attend to but no electric current to iron your clothes. The best option is to borrow credit units and payback later. Do you know you can borrow credit unit from your prepaid meter whether phcn or phed and pay back later, with this article, i will show you the secret you are not aware of.

How to Borrow Credit Unit From Prepaid Meter, PHED OR PHCN

To borrow credits from phcn prepaid meter, follow these steps, Below is a full guide on how to borrow credit units from your prepaid meter.

But before i show you, here is how to recharge your phcn or phed prepaid meter.

  • Go to the closest PHED outlet around your area
  • Your meter number will be requested from the staff that will attend to you, will be asked for your meter number, give the agent your meter number
  • After payment, you will be given your recharge pin, a 20 digit pin
  • Now you can use your recharge digit pin on your prepaid meter, when the meter shows accept, it means you have done it well, but if it shows reject, it means it was not successfully done.

How To Borrow Credit Unit from Prepaid meter 2019

To borrow units from your phcn or phed prepaid meter is very simple and can be done quickly using the keyboard on the meter, more like borrowing data or airtime from your service providers. Where you just dail a code on your phone keypad and you will be given airtime if you are eligible. If you try this method i will be giving to you, your meter will be credited with 5 credits, although these five credits will be deducted on your next recharge. To borrow this credits from prepaid meter, simply enter this code on your meter using this code #414#.

When you have successfully gotten the credit unit after borrowing, you will hear a beep sound from the meter, showing you did it well.

In my next blog post, i will be writing on different codes that can be used on the prepaid meter, with that detail article, you will know various uses of the meter, just stay updated.

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