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How Earn From Zinoly, Make Money Easily!!

Zinoly is a popular online platform in Nigeria that enables people make money from reading news, referring more people sharing posts on social media. For you to be able to earn money from zinoly, you should first know how zinoly works, know the strategies to implement and start making money in Nigeria. In socail media like facebook, you may see some people showing off their payment screenshots and proofs, showing their past earnings and withdrawal from zinoly

This article will be explaining the various ways to increase or start earning cool cash, showing how zinoly works and how much you can earn from zinoly. Just follow it patiently and learn.

How Does Zinoly Works, How Do I Start Making Money From Zinoly

Below shows the way zinoly works and how you can earn money from zinoly after creating an account.

You will earn 50 Naira after every login for the day
When you share the daily sponsored
post you will earn 100Naira
When you Click on Advertisements
which usually show up on the site you
will earn 3Naira per ads click
When you Comment on a post you
will earn 2Naira and there’s no limit
to the amount of commenta you can
post daily.
The Top3 Daily most active members
will be awarded with 1,500Naira.

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