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DomainKing VS Qservers, Comparing Both WebHosting Companies

In the webhosting market in Nigeria today, this two webhosting companies are among the top leading domain registrars and webhosting companies in Nigeria. Both domainking webhostings and qservers are great web hosting company, but i will be sharing this article due to the constant mail from both new and old users of domainking and qservers asking for comparism between qservers and domainking to know the best among them for their own interest.

DomainKing Vs Qservers, Which Is Better

This post is not condeming any of these Nigerian webhosting companies, they are both among the top best domain registrars in Nigeria.

Compare Between DomainKing And Qservers

Domainking is a Nigerian webhosting and domain company that is known as one of the top best, providing thousands of hostings to Nigerians and also selling both international domain names and Local Nigerian Domain names like the, .ng, and many others.


Domainking hosting is a great host used by many Nigerians on their blogs and websites, domainking hosting has an average speed for a hosting company in Nigeria. But not still compared to as that of most other web hosting companies while qservers, their hosting speed is also a good one, also in the average level as domainking is but people say that site who are hosted under qservers are faster and better than sites hosted in Domainking.

Customer Care:

Domainking has a good respect for the interest of their customers, compared to most other web hosting companies, domainking has a working customer care service 24/7 and replying to all questions and issues that users finds there self in while qservers also have a good customer care but although, not as great as domainking.

Scam Alert:

It is also important to also check if any signs of scam has been noticed. Domainking early last year was declayed as scam, they were called fraud by some people because they claim that after making payment for domain names, their domain remains inactive still. But for qservers, i have not noticed and sign of scam from them.

From this comparison review, you should now compare between the qserver and domainking and check your best.

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