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Customizing And Editing Carrington Mobile Theme

In one of my previous articles, i wrote a post on how to install and upload the carrington wordpress mobile theme, in this article, i will be explaining how to edit and customize this carrington theme easily. This tutorial will help those newbies who cant edit or customize the carrington theme, because most beginners can not edit themes, but at list this will help.

After following my previous article on how to install the carrington theme, this is a comprehensive guide on how to design, edit, customize and changing background on the carrington theme.

Custumizing the carington mobile theme

When wordpress themes are installed, there is need for editing and customization to make your site different from another user who uses the same theme, here are some procedures to edit the carrington theme. I hope this answers your question on how to edit the carrington mobile theme

Adding Logo To Carrington Theme

One major thing that makes a site unique is the logo, adding or changing logo in the carrington theme is simple. Just follow these steps.

Open your Media from your WordPress dashboard. Then copy the image link of your logo example, and upload to dashboard .Open your WordPress Dashboard then select appearance and customize site, choose logo,Click on publish file to save. And you are done uploading your site logo.

Adding Social Icons and Sharing Buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest e.t.c

To add social sharing icons is also easy, you can simply customize your social media button by using wordpress plugins or by using some codes. But here is one share button plugin that will be good, the share this button plugin is a great wp plugin for your carrington theme. Just install, activate and setup.

You can also use some codes to edit your share buttons also.

Editing And Customizing Carrington Footer Credits And Copyright Text

You can simply edit the carrington footer credit by following the steps below.

From your dashboard, open theme option and change copyright text or you can change it from appearance>>themes>>editor>>Footer. But the later step will require technical and html knowledge.

How To Remove and Edit Date From Carrington theme

Carrington theme shows date on the excerpt page unlike most other themes,this date show day for last modification . i will show you how to remove it. Open your WordPress Dashboard, open Appearance>>Editor Click on “excerpt-default.php” check for codes that shows time and clear it off.

Thanks for reading, please all questions should be forwarded via mail.

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