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.Com Vs .Com.Ng, Which is Better For Nigerian Bloggers.

One thing to consider for Every blogger is a domain, a domain name is not just a url to a blogger, it is the face of the blog online. It identifies the target and kind of company or business the blog or website represents. That is why it is important to take time to study before you choose a domain name. There are things to consider like, seo and ranking in google, target, brand, niche, e.t.c.

Now, for Nigerian bloggers, a domain name is the brand tag of a blog and website. When creating a blog, there are things to consider before creating a blog and one of those factor is a domain. You have to know which domain name is better for seo, which domain name brings more traffic. This post will just ve comparing .com and domains, that is .com vs with its seo advantages for traffic.


The .com top level domain is an international domain and it is the most common and known as the best top level domain. Now using this domain, when focusing on a global audience is great but although, your traffic will be more better in your country than foreign but still, this domain can still rank high outside your country because google sees it as a global domain because of its extension. You can get domain names from smartweb, qservers,web4africa, or any other hosting company in nigeria


The domain is a second level country domain and it is the most common Country domain for Nigeria. Now bloggers using this domain should have their niche and target focused in the nigerian audience. This domain name should be used especially if the product, service or blog niche is pointing to the audience in Nigeria. Google respects and ranks this domain higher for searches related to Nigeria. Meaning that for bloggers in Nigeria, with a Nigerian audience, this will be better.


When comparing this two domain to know which of them is better for bloggers. I will only say this, when you blog, when you blog from Nigeria and your target auduence is foreign, for example, USA, i advice to use a .com domain, this domain extension tells google that your target is globally, also your tags and description ahould also point to USA for better ranking. But if you blog in Nigeria and your target is Nigeria, It is better to use the .ng or domain to get advantage for Nigerian search. Now look, why does google have a domain version for Nigeria, this simply tells that google wants to get more traffic in Nigeria than its competitors. For more explanation, search Latest Nigerian News, check the first site that appears, it is mostly .ng domain. So for comparing, your target should be the main reason to choose a domain name. Most online businesses looses their customers because of choosing domain names wrongly. I hope this answered your question.

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