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Best Nigerian Investment Company That Pays Weekly 2019

I have formally discussed on various top ways to invest with little money and start making enough money within a month!, i talked on different programs on affiliates, survey programs and so many more ways to increase your earnings, this post today is a very special one because you will be getting a very well detailed written post on how to invest in nigerian companies and start earning more every week, sounds impossible right.. But its very possible, you can make enough money at every week end even before the month ends, just with this great tips on various companies in Nigeria that pays you every week for investing both online or offline, straight to your bank account.

There are various companies in Nigeria to invest in today that pays every week, most if them are online companies while others are partially online, that is they may have a website but they do all transactions offline, making it difficult to find a genuine Nigerian company that pays every week. In this article, i will be writing on some genuine companies in Nigeria that really pays. Unlike waiting for the usual month end, you get paid every week, every friday to your account.

This may include some affiliate marketting, buying and selling shares, completing surveys, link shrinking and many more, some Nigerian Guru make money every single day with this methods i will be showing you today. As i said, this process is mostly online, first i will be showing on affiliate marketting.

To those who is there first time of hearing about affiliate marketting, affiliate marketting is a kind of job that you are paid to market products. The marketting you will be doing is not carrying goods upandan, you only do a little online promottion. In this case, you will just be promotting a company called HIWAP.

Hiwap is a new program that you can earn every week, from just a simple registration of 2000 naira, a one time payment and start earning cool money from their affiliate program. The 2000 naira is your only investment to start earning weekly in Nigeria. HIWAP is an acronym for health is wealth affiliate program. You earn money from referring other users, after registration, registration is very easy and fast. You can make ₦1,000 for writing articles for them, imagine when you just write 2 articles per day, you earn 14,000 naira per week!. Register and join quickly. Make money every week from hiwap

Start Making Money Every Single Week From Buying and Selling Shares.

You can also make money every week from the selling shares, actually, this is a very good business in Nigeria. You can simply just buy shares and decide not to sell but use the profits as a share holder. There are many places, markets and websites to buy shares and make money, this is a cool business one should consider.

MoneyOnlineInvestment is also a great one that is considered to make money online, you can simply buy shares and sell them back online via this website, you will be enjoying profits every week from your shares, the only capital you might need is just to purchase a share, you can also sell it on the same website. This program grants 24 hours customer service support to its users to solve any issue they may experience in one way or the other.

Actually, this is not a comprehensive review on moneyonlineinvestment, but the buttom line is you will be making lots of money weekly from them, there are lots of jobs one can do also to make money, freelancing.

You can make money from freelancing every week, the only capital or investment you may need is marketting fee, to let people know about your works, that just low capital investment to earn weekly. You can also run online survey, this is one of the best way i made 76,000 naira from my first week, the main thing is to locate high paying survey networks in Nigeria, although they are very scarce and difficult to get.

You can earn alot from reviewing products every week, reviewing as in, you are paid to check a product quality if it original to use or not, i earned alot last month from reviewing new product from Mka Technologies, they paid 2,000 naira per product, thats little money i know, but its a good way to start.

You can also make money from many other affiliate methods like Nnu, Wakanda, zinoly and many others, you just need to be active and regular for such methods. Making money with link shrinking also can generate you extra income, i made 5,000 naira per month from link shrinking meanwhile, i was not active using that method, if you are active with this method, you can be paid that same amount weekly using link shrinking. You just have to have an active an interactive facebook account, register to other online websites, and social media, thats all then promote your shrinked link over there. You just have to register to a good paying link shrinking program, be careful of scam ones that will want to destroy your investments.

In 2018, during that time, i hardly subscribe for airtime and data, i registered to an online survey called geopoll, they reward me with good airtime for every survey i do daily, With a good survey like that, you can even earn daily, although it not cash but it can save you the cash of buying airtime, thats logic!. Even with other survey and tasks i registered to i was able to earn up to 7000 naira in 10 days, cool right, why not try it, go on a research for cool paying nigerian companies to invest and get paid weekly.

You can join freelancing, writing

I hope this post was helpful, stay cool.

Summary on the Top Best Nigerian Companies That Pays Weekly 2019

  • HIWAP (Health is wealth Affiliate Program)
  • Money Online investment
  • Freelancing
  • Completing surveys
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