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Adquet Review: Is Adquet Advertising Scam Or Legit

On my previous post, i reviewed a popular Nigerian advertising network called Ngadverts and also reviewed adovr, actually adovr is also an advertising agency, there i explained how to register and earn from Ngadverts. But today, i will also be reviewing another advertising network called adquet. As i always and will continue to review so many other online companies especially those that has to do with money and trading.

Adquet has been reviewed by many bloggers in Nigeria and has said that adquet is scam, but it is better to run a review on adquet if it is scam before passing any judgements.

What is Adquet

Adquet is a nigerian based advertising company, also as one of the top best in the Nigerian advertising company market. they offer both PPC (PayPer Click) and CPC (Cost Per Click) adverts to enable publishers earn more. There ad rates is about from 6 to 25 naira per click. There are many other advertising agencies like adsence, which is google’s on adnetwork

Is Adquet Scam Or Legit

In most article i read over the internet saying that adquet is scam, but i an here to tell you in this article that they are not, at this time i wrote this article, people still can earn from adquet. Most writers just copied another article and paste on their site that adquet is scam.

How To Join Adquet

Here i will be showing you how to register to adquet and join the group of publishers.

  1. Visit Adquet official site
  2. Locate signup or register button and click open
  3. Fill in the required information and create account.
  4. Later verify account via your Email.

You can now login as a publisher.

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