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4 Nigerian Web hosting Companies To Avoid

At every hour, businesses, companies and organizations are being setup in Nigeria and the number of people who visit the internet in Nigeria is increasing daily, therefore, there should be a need for online presence. These companies and businesses need a website to improve sale and marketing in Nigeria, even a personal individual blog needs online presence. And for every website to run in the internet, a host is required. This host services is offered by companies popularly known as webhosting companies.

There are numerous webhosting companies in Nigeria but some webhost uses it as a means to scam and cheat people in the name of offering hosting plans. Some report had been made by some nigerians that they were scammed by some web hosting companies, they applied for hosting plans and was debited then was not given any plan. Although their are many webhosting companies in Nigeria that dont scam, they really mean business. That is why some people choose other foreign hosting companies like bluehost, hostgator,namecheap,godaddy e.t.c and not the nigerian hosting companies

This list shows some suspected scam hosting companies that i advice that they should be avoided because of the continious report of scam from them, this post does not really mean they are scam but i think they should be avoided until they are clear

List of Web hosting companies that should be avoided, suspecyed as scam

1. Utiware

Report from many nigerians is that this webhosting company is scam and if they offer you a hosting package, your site runs slowly, actually, i do not recommend

2. Whogohost

Whogohost is also another web hosting company that has also given some scam signals. Some people write over social media that they are scam and this writeups has gone viral over the internet, so i think they should be avoided for now to be at the safer side.

3. DomainKing

Domainking has also been reported throughout the internet that they are scam and i recommend also that domainking should be avoided for now because of this scam alert. Prevention is better than cure. They have a speed estimate of 260.4 ms and charges 20,000 Naira as hosting price for one year

4. Web4Africa

Web4africa is also a good Web hosting company in Nigeria but has also shown some scam signals, nigerians who claim to have tried this webhost complains that they are scam and should also be avoided.

Some other webhosting companies in nigeria who i have not noticed any sign of scam includes,


Smartweb e.t.c

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